Justin's Farm that we work alongside has been fraught with springtime treasures underfoot; bright petals pop from the earth, leafy greens lay ready to be nibbled, and an array of other unique finds are ripe for curation and admiration! See below for the Spring's poster of farm specimens we have collected... such a colorful contrast to Winter's muted assortment.

From left: purple majesty potato plant, fern, winter red kale, mystery bush, stick, zinnias, fuscia roses, concord grape, white clover, pink rose, bartlet pear, king apple, pac choi raab, new red fire lettuce, transplants: (prosperosa eggplant, king richard leek, amaranth, kohlrabi), blackberry, daisy, pinecone, hawk feather, pie cherries, chioggia beet, ladybug, dandelion, rye grass.
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