TWO // becomes three

We loved meeting Carly and Marcus just days before they welcomed baby Elena. Congratulations to their new little family of three...


TUESDAY // twin day

1, 2. More Tuesday Twin Days here.


FLOWERKRAUT // branding

Mairead & Seth Travins are the proprietors and creative spirits behind Flowerkraut, a brand new shop in Hudson, NY. Part gift shop, part flower studio, Flowerkraut's name is derived from Mairead's floral genius and Seth's famous sauerkraut, both made and sourced locally.

We had such fun designing their logo, website and print collateral; a lovely combination of old-fashioned illustrations and clean, modern lines. Learn more about them and what they do here and stop by Flowerkraut the next time you're in Hudson, NY!

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WANDERINGS // recent film

See more wanderings on film here.

JEN & CHRIS // two

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SUMMER // baby wilder

Kelty and her husband Justin welcomed Wilder Joanne into the world on Friday, July 18th. We are filled with such love, gratitude and excitement, and have very much appreciated your well wishes and loving support these past few weeks. A sincere thanks from us to you, and we wish you a cool and fulfilling summer!


FEATURED // emma dime

We're long-time fans of Emma Dime and were thrilled to be featured recently on her Lovely Lady column. Check out the interview here and enjoy some outtakes below.

Did we mention Kelty is going to be having a baby? :) The shoot for Emma was a sweet opportunity to capture a couple of Kelty around 7 mos. and even a rare one of her with Farmer Green.


APRIL COPPINI // web & print design

We fell in love with April Coppini's artwork a few years back after spotting one of her iconic roosters up at Lincoln Restaurant. Designing a logo, website and business cards for April was such fun, a refreshingly spare departure from the colorful and textured fare we typically do. Explore her beautiful work below!

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MOM AND DAD // home

Our parents have been living in Barcelona for the past six months and have finally moved back to Portland. Words can't describe how grateful we are to have them close again.


OUTTAKES // the green dandelion

We love when branding projects involve photography as well as design. Enjoy a handful of behind the scenes moments from our time with Sarah as we shot for the upcoming website we're creating for her floral design company. Visiting her cozy studio is always such a pleasure and we can't wait to share more of her sweet work.

THIS & THAT // pinterest

Browsed our Pinterest boards lately? Hannah has been pinning up a storm in her hours of downtime with little baby Roy and our THIS & THAT board is an eclectic favorite...

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HANNAH & ROY IMOGEN // the garden

Our Aunt JoAnne's garden outside Barcelona has always been a favorite spot of ours for photos, what with its ancient olive tree, ferns, jasmine and sweet mess of other delicious smelling foliage. When she passed away, we knew with heavy hearts that we would have to say goodbye. Enjoy a few photos of Hannah and Roy on our last day there - soaking up the beauty and thinking about AJ, one of our favorite gardeners. She truly influenced our own love of wild green and the need to bring it into our own homes and gardens.

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