It's a good thing our friend Stacey's birthday is so darn close to Valentine's day. It's the perfect excuse to put a bouquet together. Inspired by her fashion full of dusty pinks, jewel pops, soft greens and the blondest of yellows. Happy birthday, friend.


INSTAGRAM // lately

Been following our daily happenings on Instagram lately?

WANDERINGS // recent film

A few latest rolls of 35 mm developed from many seasons and cherished adventures. More here.


HAPPY HOLIDAYS // with gratitude

Happy Holidays from us to you. Time is slowing down but somehow also speeding up. In a year, we have both become mothers and are constantly pinching ourselves, beyond grateful for the people in our lives and the work that we are able to do. Thank you for choosing to be a part of The Weaver House's adventures -- we can't wait to begin the new year with you.

Watch Hannah and her husband Alex's latest annual Holiday movie by visiting their Compendium below. Holiday cheer, silliness, acting, song & dance, mystery, suspense and cute lil' Roy await you.


INSPIRED // united thread

In our holiday browsing this year, we stumbled across the work of Michelle Morin. And wow. We could only place one order in time for the holidays but are already scheming ways to wallpaper our homes with her incredible paintings. The colors, textures, subject matter and the spirit of her imagination have blown our minds. Each painting is so unique and makes us think about nature walks as kids, exploring New Hampshire as young adults, and as farm helpers and collectors today. So much loveliness to be seen (and purchased!) in her shop here.

Visit here for more of our Inspiration posts.

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