I recently acknowledged two truths in my life: my new closet is way smaller than my old one in SF, and I wear basically the same outfit (or some variation thereof) every day. So, with only mild trepidation and a dash of separation anxiety, I marched down to Buffalo Exchange and left with nearly $300 in my pocket, not to mention oodles more closet space and a refreshed fashion spirit. Reflecting on what remained, and in an inspired effort to celebrate the transition from skirt to scarf weather, Hannah and I rallied up four basic ensembles for this week's T.G.I.H.

We rediscovered a world of friendly components I'd forgotten I even I had, and, gloomy weather be damned, we embraced a fun blend of colors and patterns that resulted in an interesting four faces of Hannah... part Ugly Betty, part Grandma, part Nerdy Librarian, and a little Runway Diva all patchworked together. Each one makes me giggle.

Here's the simple recipe: 1 silk sleeveless dress, 1 poofy underskirt, 1 blouse, 1 vest, 1 belt, 1 pair of tights, 1 pair of suede heels, 1 silk scarf, 2 brooches, a pair of vintage frames and a mishmash of bangles, earrings and necklaces.
I encourage your all to remix, re-imagine, and reconstruct your own closet accordingly.

You may have noticed a paring down of other sorts: my blog background. I think this calls for new headers, too. Yes?





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