POP LOCK, IN LOVE // khali & potsch

Khali and Potsch generously traded LA's sunset strip for Portland's woods and antique shops, road-tripping north for their engagement shoot! I wasn't prepared for the energy and humor these two actors brought to the shoot and was staggered by their cheerful wit, humor, and talent. It was almost difficult to approach them for close-ups because I felt like I was intruding on a scene -- they often had full dialogues and took on new characters in each location. They came over for dinner and were non-stop entertainment, but I was surprised to find out what kindred spirits they are! I was so happy to be able to show them a hint of Portland, and hope they'll come back soon to visit.

In addition to their acting, Khali runs a fabulous blog called Boots & Cat Eyes, (she is stunning, and has amazing taste in clothes, music, art, and gift ideas!) Also, they both silk screen the apparel for sale on their shop, Honey B. (some of the messages are pretty silly..) These guys are hilarious and creative souls, and I encourage you to check out their work (and invite them for dinner, too!).

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