I don't think I've ever seen two newlyweds more in love than Michael and Juniper. They hired me to do a post-wedding photo shoot and I couldn't have been happier to spend my last day in California romping around the East Bay with them! They had scouted out some amazing locations and barely seemed to notice the camera or I were even there! Both were really truly having fun and celebrating their marriage together, which blew me away. I learned that Juniper is a civil rights lawyer, Michael is a teacher, and that he proposed on the top of a hill in Muir Woods using an alphabet board he has taped inside his frisbee... so cute! I'm truly thrilled I met these guys before moving. They are an utterly sincere, sweet, and totally hilarious couple. I'm secretly hoping they'll hire me for a pregnancy or baby shoot somewhere down the line so I'll have a reason to see them again... thank you both for making my last day in the Bay so memorable!

They wrote me the longest, sweetest testimonial...

"I feel so lucky to have connected with Kelty now--as I'm sure she will be famous and impossible to book before we all know it! Photographs have always been one of my favorite ways of seeing the world. In the months leading up to our wedding, I poured over hundreds of photographer's websites, looking for images that captured the whimsical, beautiful, fun and tender spirit that I felt about this moment in our lives. When I first saw Kelty's website (which, sadly, was after our wedding), I knew I'd found a kindrid spirit and someone with an exquisite eye. Not only does she make stunning images of people at their naturally beautiful best but she has a joyful originality that is incredibly rare in the saturated world of portrait photography. Her photographs are playful, energetic, personal and inspiring--they seem to draw out those lovely moments and gestures that tell the unique story behind each couple and face. We were so moved and excited by Kelty's photographs that we decided to dress back up in our wedding outfits and ask Kelty to work her magic. She immediately responded enthusiastically about the idea of an 'after-the-wedding' shoot. And we were thrilled at the chance to make some of the images that would have taken too much time away from our party and guests to have made on our wedding day.

Over email, we brainstormed ideas for locations and props and I shared some of what we were hoping to create. She came to our home on a Saturday afternoon--the day before she was moving to Portland!!--and spent hours with us, in our backyard and at locations we'd scouted around the East Bay. Not only is she a stand-out talent, she is stylish, fun and incredibly easy to work with. She climbed on ladders, battled rose bushes, lay down in the grass and lugged props around with us, all while coming up with fresh ideas and bringing a playful and expansive spirit to the shoot. She was totally game and willing to try everything plus she was able to give us direction when we needed it in the most friendly and unintimidating way. Shooting with Kelty, we felt like she was instantly able to let us be ourselves and entirely focused on making creative and beautiful photographs in the process. And the final product!! Woo-wee. This woman can see beauty everywhere. She turned us pretty regular folk into rockstars. I never thought we could look this good! Her photographs are the perfect mix of artistry, beauty and pure play. Kelty made us photographs that we will always treasure. They are more than we hoped for and exactly the kind of pictures I'd dreamed of having to capture our wedding time--expertly composed, tender, funny, original, modern and totally us--wonderful reminders of what life is at its best. We would recommend Kelty for anyone's wedding pictures--before or after the big day!

We keep looking at the pictures, which instantly make us smile and feel incredibly lucky. After the shoot, my husband said 'that was so much fun!' It is wonderful to look at the pictures and remember how much fun we were having. Kelty's exuberance and naturalness made us feel like we were with a friend... it is an amazing testament to her personality that she is able to create that ease and intimacy with perfect strangers. She makes what can be the very awkward activity of having your photo taken into a playful adventure. And the photos she creates are the living proof of her capacity to bring out people's inner beauty."

Juniper & Michael
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