CARDED // new work

I'm having a hard time playing it cool over my new business cards. I tend to have way too much fun making these things and was paralyzed with sensory overload when trying to choose my various front images... it was put to a vote, and I'm already planning Round 2! My main goal was for the cards to be fun to shuffle and easily refashionable as a coaster or bookmark...

I plan to haul these babies over to my favorite shops and restaurants- especially at my new neighborhood loves: Proper Eats and Anna Bananas... it's going to take a lot of effort not to eat at these places for every single meal. Check out their amazing food, drink, and book-reading atmosphere.

Let me know if you would like any cards for friends or to scatter around town yourselves!

Here's the back of each card:

And a taste for what's next:

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