TEAM JOJO // one year

It's hard to believe that a year has already passed since the terrifying day last August that we nearly lost our Aunt Joanne. To realize that she is still alive, improving day by day, is one of the biggest delights we'll ever experience. We feel such gratitude to our dear friends, family and the incredible team of medical staff both in Portland and Barcelona. We are Team Jojo!

Back in April we flew to Bcn to help JoAnne get situated upon her return home from the hospital. We snapped some 35mm photos of her neighborhood, her place and the hospital she called home after leaving Portland in December. It's hard to be so far away this summer, but JoJo is taking life a day at a time... though she may have lost a leg, she has never once lost her faith, sense of humor or her tenacious spirit. Read about her (and our) journey here.

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