Kelty and I ventured out with our menfolk and parents to the small town of Marshfield, WI for Christmas this year. Our grandparents Roy & Ruth live there, and the town of Loyal (home of the original Weaver House) also happens to be nearby. All of the history, food, piano and organ-playing, goofy gifts and laughter meant so much, especially as our Grandpa (who turned 85 during our visit) suffered a small stroke shortly after we went home. He's still in the hospital, but is improving day by day; we appreciate your thoughts for a speedy recovery!

 Enjoy a short video Alex made on Christmas day and a handful of photos I took Christmas eve.
(The song Grandpa plays is an old hymn, Morning Has Broken, made a favorite to us by Cat Stevens)

And if you didn't catch our Christmas movie for this year, enjoy below. View other years of holiday cheer, singing and silly plot twists on our site, www.hannahandalex.com.

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