STADIUM LOVE // anniversary

A very happy third anniversary to Big Red and Al. The best sister and brother-in-law a girl could ask for.

In all the hubbub of our hospital life, my own wedding, summer travels, and planning for Spoken For, I wanted to make sure that these two got a little love in. I've been thinking about their story a lot lately. Flashbacks to their childhood adventures more than twenty years ago at our neighborhood pool, to the fateful San Francisco and Spain re-connections, to the beginning of their Holiday movie tradition, to the early Christmas eve morning they proposed to one another (I was happily in a sleeping bag in their living room at the time!), to the most fun wedding of all time under the same Oak tree they played under as kids, to the beautiful home and family they have created together since... it's a favorite fairytale of mine to say the least.

They make me laugh. They inspire me. They are Han and Al and I'm proud to know them.

Happy anniversary, you crazy kids!

See last year's anniversary outtakes here.
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