When people visit Justin's
farm,,they donate their time, energy, and care. In return, they take a small piece of the farm home with them (Arm-fulls of harvested vegetables, a jar of fresh flowers, or a delicious post-work lunch, for example). When we see photos and video of people's time here, it feels like the cycle of giving and receiving is still going. It's inspiring to see that what's happening at the farm is being lovingly documented by its visitors and we're excited to look through the eyes of our friends as they share a view of their time here.

Click below to watch Hannah's husband Alex's playful, beautifully-shot video about what happens when a tractor jump-start makes potato planting possible... Accompanying the video are some beautiful 35mm photos by our friend EugĂ©nie, who volunteered her time in the field recently. View more of her talent, travels, and incredible eye here.

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