SAYURI'S WORLD // underwater flight

If you ever get the opportunity to meet artist Sayuri Sasaki Hemann in person, you'll likely get the feeling you've known her your entire life. After spending a bit of time with her, you  may also come to the conclusion that the more of her you see, the richer your life will be. That's how we both feel about Sayuri. Her thoughfulness, humor, energy and talent are simply intoxicating, and we feel privledged to be a small part of showcasing her most recent exhibition of the ongoing art installation: Urban Aquarium.

Recreating her own version of an underwater jellyfish aquarium, Sayuri created every intricate element, from the hand-felted coral and kelp on the ocean floor to each delicate jellyfish species floating throughout (you can learn about each species here). It's hard to believe that this ethereal landscape is entirely hand-made, and even more incredible is that it's open to the public! We documented the set-up this month at The Portland International Airport and created a logo and website to house her incredible work. Alex, Hannah's husband, also made a short video of the installation for those of you who won't be passing through PDX anytime soon. See below for the video and some documentation of the set-up.

Thank you, Sayuri, for including us in such an incredibly special project. We can wait to see what you create next...

Visit the Sayuri's World website to see more photos of the final installation and to meet each individual jelly species!
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