SHOP SNEAK // postcards

Design wunderkind Bri over at design love fest is just plain crafty. She joined up last week with Jen Gotch of ban.do to throw a DIY craft-fest at Anthropologie, inviting people to create inspiration strings made of all sorts of colorful knick-nacks, personal memorabilia, and other inspiring materials. Living far from all the LA fun made us green with envy, but we were able to be there in spirit, as we contributed our up-and-coming series of postcards for The Weaver House shop as crafting materials!

Created from vintage photos and old ads we've collected, fabrics and places we've photographed, and various collaging & photo projects we've done, we're even more excited to debut these babies in the coming weeks. Head over to Bri's page to see all the fun that was had, and consider this the official start of our shop countdown...

Have you ogled the postcards in our promo video yet?
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