Worlds are colliding in my neck of the woods. You may know Hannah, my twinny who stars in our weekly Friday TGIH and assists in a ton of what I do. In addition to what she does for Steep Street, she sews, she crafts, she collects, and she blogs. A recent brainwave brought on by our newfound proximity has begun to connect her array of creative skills with my own in a cloud of crazy inspiration.... with the sparkly plan to join forces as one company.

As we plan our joint (ad)venture, Hannah will be moving from her own blog, Ola Collection, over this-away, to take the first important step in blending our worlds. As is painfully evident, I'm a rather poor blogger and post only my own work... and sparsely, at that. Hannah will be sharing all kinds of design, photography, and style inspiration that reflects the heart and soul of what we do, who we are, and what we hope to bring to you with our new business.
{{ TBA Spring 2012! }}

In the meantime, enjoy this week's TGIH on the farm, and expect to hear more from Steep Street from now on...

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