LOOKING BACK // looking forward

Touch down: Portland. As excited as I am to be here and for all that lies ahead, I'm already feeling nostalgic for our old home, friends, family, and life back east. It's as though they are already taking on that special quality of a memory that is too sweet to stay in color. It fades to black and white and joins the ranks of the other sigh-inducing past gems I've accumulated so far in my walk through life.

After a dizzying journey with Han and the pups, (filled with anthem-screaming, bed sheets-stealing, french fry-munching, business plan-making, and all manner of sweatpants-clad silliness) we gratefully rolled into my new home; the farm we have yet to name. Until Justin and our crate of homey items arrives, I'm setting up camp in Hannah's kitchen, feverishly returning emails and wrapping up web projects before a triple header of weddings begins on Friday. 

Crazy never felt so good.

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