KIYOSHI MINO // woolies

When people first see Kiyoshi's work, they're hit with a range of emotion. Shock. Curiosity. Disbelief. Intrigue. Excitement. My first impression led me to comment something along the lines of "what on earth IS that???" It's detailed. It's unique. It's awe-inspiring. And it's all wool. With a tiny set of tools and an incredible amount of creativity and dexterity, Kiyoshi brings to life a myriad of animals just itching to be named, admired, and given a story. He's now taking custom orders for pet portraits, table centerpieces, installation work, and is game for any idea you throw his way.

I was lucky to tackle Kiyoshi's logo, website, and all of the photos of his gorgeous needle felted animal art. Visit the website for more photos of each animal, and check out more of my branding work on my new website here.

Which is your favorite??

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