ALEX-VISION // genius for hire

My brother-in-law is a lot to blog about. You may remember when he married my sister (1, 2, 3), when they had their first anniversary, or maybe when he shot their genius christmas movies (1, 2, 3). He's kinda famous in our family for his dashing good looks, witty sense of humor, quirky imagination and unparalleled musical and tech-y talents. And now his official design reel is ready for your drooling. Click below to watch his incredible visual portfolio, or scroll past that for some screenshots of the action, though moments in time can hardly do the work justice.

Alex's crazy creative brain has created a "reel within a reel", and takes you on a meandering adventure through his work samples by way of a tour of the Portland Rose Garden... through his eyes. Blobs on leashes, glittering webs, scrolling trivia, and hovering metal crafts will blow your socks off. Hopefully this gives you an idea what Alex sees when he looks at the plain old things that we ignore or take for granted. Alex-vision, ladies and gentlemen. Please forward Alex's website on to anyone you know who may be looking for a genius in the field of visual effects and motion graphics. They won't be sorry you did...

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