I like polaroids. You like polaroids. Most people like polaroids. Jenny and Allen LOOOOOOVE polaroids. The first thing I noticed when we walked into their apartment were shelves lined with cameras and a fridge literally stuffed full of vintage film. No room for food. Incredible. Aside from having two of the largest, craziest families I've seen (the wedding entertained more than 300 Polish and Filipino relatives), Jenny and Allen have a contagious, youthful sweetness to them, not to mention a penchant for oldies, swing dance, crafting, and dedication to their work (Jenny is a civil rights lawyer and Allen is a teacher). I find it incredibly uplifting just being around them.

Please visit the lovely blog Ruffled to check out her feature that boasts dozens of DIY and vendor details, not to mention more photos... Also, thanks to, Hi Fi Weddings, who featured their stellar music choices and super 8 reel. Han, you're the best back-up shooter ever and made the double-header that weekend both a joy and an adventure.

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