MY BACKYARD // and the road revisited

"Steep Street Photography" "Kelty Luber"
Well, we made it. And now that Hannah has deserted me, it's time to get to work for real... that means no more jumping on the trampoline, watching old episodes of Dexter, decorating my office, and napping with the dogs. After such a harrowing journey, what do you expect? I'm getting used to the house being just as colorful outside as it is inside.. of hearing a rooster crow every morning, walking 5 minutes to get to my mailbox, and a whole host of other new things that I can't wait to tell you about.

Expect a handful of glorious weddings, features, website design and two cool new marketing campaigns in the coming weeks. Also look forward to my shop stocked with all kinds of goodies perfect for holiday shopping!
Thank you for your patience in my delayed correspondence as I get re-settled and dig in to my current workload. I couldn't be happier to be back project-ing.

Enjoy a peek below of instax photos from our cross-country journey. Hannah reading almost an entire mystery novel aloud in a british accent, spooning pups on their own bed, road stop hijinks and landscapes aplenty.

Steep Street Photography, Kelty Luber
Steep Street Photography, Kelty Luber
Steep Street Photography, Kelty Luber
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