FAUST PHOTOGRAPHICS // new print work

When Faust Photographics asked me to design a Promo Postcard Multi-pack to get the word out for their new website launch, I couldn't have been happier to help! These guys are a talented duo based in the Bay Area and I absolutely love their portrait and editing style. One thing that was unique about designing this particular pack was that all of the different card fronts were from one photo session, as opposed to multiple. I love shuffling through them seeing the variety from this gorgeous engagement shoot up in the hills. They really have a knack for finding breathtaking outdoor locations... and their clients aren't too hard on the eyes, either. ;)

To see more of my Promo Postcard design work, check my print portfolio here. Jot me a note if you'd like a multipack designed for your own budding business or curious obsession...

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