BURGERVILLE // a year of portraits #2

You may remember Burgerville's new campaign with my portraits last month, and I'm happy to say that this month's posters are up! For those of you who aren't familiar with Burgerville, they're a Northwest icon, with 39 stores in Oregon and Washington. I've been eating their tasty food since I was a kid, but only recently begun to take notice of their innovative business practices and fresh, locally sourced menu selections. (Think walla walla onions, local berries, asparagus, and more!)

My job is to shoot portraits for their store posters, highlighting two heroes every month: a local foodie and a sustainable partner. Lucy is a local food stylist and Paul is a recycling and sustanability specialist. Both are amazingly talented, wonderful people, and as you can see from the posters, totally game for anything! Try Lucy's tasty inspired dish, the Crispy Onion and Spinach Turkey Burger while it's still available...

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