This gal loves food. Real food. You may remember this good buddy of mine from a couple past photo shoots (one, two)... back in the day in SF, we shared a tiny office together working for a graphic design company. My favorite time of day was 10am, when she would walk in with two deliciously healthy, handmade smoothies of her own creation every single day. Between the smoothies and other snacks and meals, I think I ate better that year than any time in my life!

These days, Diane is the owner of Balanced Bites and is a C.H.E.K. Institute-Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach. She helps her clients find their way to health and wellness through fresh, real foods, and gives them the knowledge they need to maintain their new lifestyle. She is available for one-on-one consultations, group presentations, and classes on holistic wellness, health, and nutrition. You can check her out on her fantastic blog, twitter, and facebook pages for inspiring advice and mouth-watering photos of her own genius, healthy meals!

Diane let me tag along on one of her fruit/veggie shopping excursions last week... and then I let her chuck apples at me. ;)

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