THE FIXIN' TO // portland bar, southern soul

When Justin and I heard about the new place opening around the corner from us, we got into a downright tizzy. While I sat, daydreaming all of the amazing southern treats they'd serve and what a great space the building would create, Justin offered to build their bar. Typical. His do-gooder zeal inspired me to design their new website (print materials to come)! Since their opening last weekend, we have been in often, happily celebrating the general neighborhoodie ambiance of this bar with an undoubtedly bright future. The owners, Marli, Bart, and Megan are hip, cool people with wonderful friends and their buddy/cook Grant is a true visionary. Did I MENTION he makes Frito Pie??

Visit www.thefixinto.com to get a snippet of their coolness, scroll on for some photos of their first live evening, or stop by and cozy up in a booth for some warm treats and cool spirits. They'll be open this weekend for Superbowl madness, where you'll find most patrons' eyes on the TV, save for mine, which will be focused intently on my Dixie beer and vegan dumplings. Yumm.

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