In celebration of the coming holidays, solstice and new year, I began a special project. It occurred to me that not everyone has the precious time to make something. Too often, doodles are crumpled, photos filed away, and stories left unwritten. I realized that it was time to publish a zine. I asked my nearest and dearest to make something, and then bound all of their gorgeous somethings into the first issue of Aught. The zine consists of pages crammed with poetry, drawings, recipes, photography, paintings, doodles, stories, gift guides, movie stills, diagrams, and sonnets. 100 pages of creative deliciousness, to be exact. It feels marvelous to see the talents of my friends and family come together to create something so wonderful. And I've covered my holiday shopping in one fell swoop. :)

Skip the mall this holiday season, and give the gift of Aught.

To buy your own copy (whether for stocking stuffer or guilty pleasure), visit My Shop!

a few page excerpts...

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