RAINBOW // multi-pack

Yesterday, my sister and I were at a favorite store of ours, Cargo, picking out a necklace and earrings for her wedding ensemble. (hoo wee!) We perused with the cheerful owner and as she pulled out various samples of colors to show us and in an effort to find something that would grab us, she asked what our favorite color was. I instantly blurted out, "*RAINBOW*". So true! People keep asking Hannah what her wedding colors are and her answer is always, "Every color." It's just our family way.

Happily, this eclectic, rainbowy penchant extends to aspects of my life other than jewelry... home decor, clothing, makeup, plants, and yes, even Steep Street herself are swayed by the love of never needing to "match" again. Which leads me to my new set of Steep Street Postcards that arrived a few days ago... it would be impossible, not mention against my nature to choose just one yummy color or familiar face for my marketing
. So let's celebrate the rainbow today and every day-- collect them all for your wall, bookmark, coaster, or to pass on to a friend to share the love.

And all you Steep Street clients, watch out... you may very well end up on one of these limited edition cards one day yourself! (only 100 printed of each...)

The back of each card:

And Mowgli's favorite from Steep Street's previous set of cards:

Contact me if you'd like Steep Street to design you your very own own Rainbow Multi Pack....
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