INVITES GALORE // new work

#1. Tea, Anyone?

Hannah and I created this (yes, supernerdy/dreamcometrue) Jane Austen tea party shoot for the front of this bridal shower postcard-- silly fun all around and, um, have you ever in your life seen a better eye brow raise?

#2. The Drawn Ultimatum

After finally coming to terms with the fact that I was never going to find a Little Bridal Birdy that looks just like Laine in istock, I decided to dust off the old drawing pens and have a go. 30 sheets of paper, two tantrums, and a good deal of hair loss later, she lives!!

the front:

the back:

#3. Tudo Mundo Vai

Hannah and Alex's beautiful mugs helped create the basis for this simple rehearsal dinner postcard invite... and the rest was a breeze! (Stay tuned for their wedding photos next month...)

the front:

the back:

#4. Gina Lola-pink-ola

"Pink and girly" was the only direction I was given for this baby shower invite... thanks a lot, Treen! Despite the challenge of delving into the unknown realm of peachy pinks, I had a blast throwing in some hand-drawn swirlies and vintage wallpaper flowers to capture the magic of this little gal's upcoming birth... hope you had a fun this weekend, ladies!

the front:

the inside:

More to come soon once I've sorted my brain after the travels... 
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