BACK TO THE FUTURE // hannah & alex

Long ago and far away, in a darling neighborhood called Oak Hills, Hannah and Alex first met. Twenty years later, they reconnected and haven't looked back... Well, until last week! These kids have never forgotten where they came from, and what better way to celebrate their engagement, their childhood and their love for all things goofy than to swing by their very own Elementary School for a reminiscent jaunt down memory lane?

Having the school all to ourselves, we re-lived some of the fun they once shared, Hannah sporting her favorite vintage finds in the name of old-school fashion and Alex remembering the old catch phrases they once held dear. Both have stunning personal style and the shoot itself really represents their personalities: a blend of Rock n Roll, Vintage Classic, Creepy Model, and Good Old Fashioned Fun. They're planning on using some of the photos for wedding favors, and I can't wait to shoot their celebration this summer. Read on to enjoy two Oak Hills kids paying homage to their roots... and one another.

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