MISS MAVERICK // marissa

This gal has been my best friend for almost 20 years! I remember the day I met her... orientation day of first grade at our neighborhood elementary school. She had a long, thick, swinging french braid down to her waist and wore a gorgeous, ruffly red and white dress. She was like super eye candy to this dirty blonde in velcro shoes and jeans. Since then, we've been through everything together. She made me watch The Labrynth when we were 8 (and now that I think about it, every scary or depressing movie I've ever seen was with Marissa over a bag of Salt & Vinegar chips or a bowl of Pork n Beans). We shared the desolate backfield as un-coordinated defenders for years of soccer (and both whiff-kicked enough balls to fill 10 hours of america's funniest home videos). She was at every one of my birthday parties, front and center, with the best-wrapped present and a whopping serving of something sweet on top (and served as my candy dealer for years since I came from a granola-only household). But more than anything, she was always there for me to cuddle and talk to-- weird and hilarious, sweet and observant, comforting and kind-- not to mention a total knockout. Cheers to our next Coconut Prawn and Top Gun date, as well as the next 20 years of our friendship....

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